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Surad Soccer is a federally incorporated non-profit volunteer organization based in Ottawa, Ontario. Surad Soccer was founded a by small group of parent volunteers for the promotion, development, and advancement of youth soccer in the Ottawa Somali community. As well to ensure children and youth from this community have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the recreational, developmental and competitive soccer programs in the Ottawa region.
Surad Soccer was established in the year 2012 with the formation of one team consisting of players from mixed age groups that ranged from the ages of U6 to U14. In the subsequent three years the membership numbers of Surad Soccer ballooned indicating a need for a soccer club in the Somali community of Ottawa. This need sparked an opportunity for a collective group of parents to form Surad Soccer. Today the club is open to players between the ages of U6 to U17, both boys and girls; currently serving 8 teams with three competitive teams in the East Region Soccer League and three competitive teams in the Ottawa coliseum winter league.


The mission of Surad Soccer is to promote the beautiful game of soccer and to enrich the lives of all players by providing the opportunity to participate in an organized soccer development programs. Surad Soccer strives to be the best at providing youth in the Somali community with an environment and atmosphere that is safe, fun, fair, and full of positive challenges that encourage all participants to reach their maximum potential.


Surad Soccer aims to be the prime hub of youth soccer in the Somali community, as we achieve our goals for player and coach development. Surad Soccer strives to create an atmosphere of fun first and competition after. We advocate and practice inclusion in all aspects of our organization and we stand against exclusion and isolation.


  1. Promote sportsmanship, respect, and sensitivity and tolerance to the other players, coaches, parents, and referees and public in general.
  2. Enhance player?s self esteem, confidence, physical and mental development and overall player character.
  3. Encourage family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents and other members of the community.
  4. Benefit and involve women, youth and those facing systemic or personal barriers.
  5. Educate youth and provide them with tools and outlets to avoid in involving risky behavior.


The Surad Soccer goal is to be a widely recognized organization that provides the highest quality of players, player development programs, coaches, leaders, and management. At the same time, providing a safe environment and using the game of soccer to develop well-rounded young men and women.

  1. Our recreational and development recruitment programs continue to provide soccer for every player who wishes to play within our community.
  2. Our competitive program will aim to have teams of both genders in the three tiers of competitive in youth soccer (OPDL, regional leagues, district league); as we are not an official section club and as a community-based organization, we will be working with the local clubs to achieve this while helping the players throughout the process. .

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